The Legend of the Mmulmmat

Tales of the ‘Valley of the Warm Breeze’: a lost world in the legendary mountains of Tibet

This new work by Asanaro develops the Tales of the ‘Valley of the Warm Breeze, rheumatologist ‘ a true, pharmacy mystical adventure that will take you to a lost world in the legendary mountains of Tibet, millenia before the Buddha.

Those who have heard of Shambhala or Shangri-La will discover that The Legend of the Mmulmmat shatters the traditional idea, from Vedic and Buddhist mythology, which speaks of the Valley of the Gods or of Eternal Youth as an idyllic place outside of the real world.

legend_mmulmmat_mapThe Mmulmmat is a world described as a real possibility, and one that will immediately awaken the curiosity of the reader, who will easily identify with Saargan, the main character. The story begins when he is rescued, unconscious, in the cliffs that protect the entrance to the legendary valley, and when he opens his eyes a new life begins. Slowly he learns to share with the people from that place, to understand their singular customs, while primarily he finds himself compelled to learn the Arts of physical and psychical control that they have studied for generations in the natural isolation of the mountains. Those strange Arts, the roots of Boabom, which have earned that place the respect and fear of all the towns beyond the passes that enclose it.

After a while Saargan, as he prepares himself and begins to discover his own inner self, will realize that the Valley hides a greater secret, and that his arrival has not been an accident…

The Legend of the Mmulmat is a book full of adventures, philosophy, and teachings, and it is also part of the line of stories which followBamso, the Art of Dreams.


Table of Contents: “Bamso 2: The Leyend of Mmulmmat”


Map and the 33 Paths of the Mmulmmat:

1. The Beginning of the Circle: Rescue in the Roof of the World
2. Between this World and the Earth
3. The Re-Union
4. Awakening
mmulmmat5. The Valley of the Argan
6. Akinaya
7. Am-Ato
8. Seamm-Jasani: the Power of Quietness
9. Forests, Brooks and Sages
10. Life in the Mmulmmat
11. Art of the Seed
12. Boabom: the Strength of the Osseous
13. Nao Dome
14. Prophecies
15. The Night of the Dreams
16. Confused in Reality
17. The Dance of Life
18. The Works of an Apprentice
19. The Door of Mua
20. Being Born and Re-Born
21. Flourishing
22. The Inner Seal
23. Samesame
24. Full Moon
25. The Dance of Death
26. Knowing how to live, knowing how to die
27. The Battle of the Pass
28. Omens from the Outside
29. After a Madman
30. The Wisdom of Patience
31. “I”
32. Daughters and Sons of Woman… Son of Man
33. Sojamm to the Navigators!