Bamso: The Art of Dreams

bamsocoverLog of an Apprentice in the Art of Attaining Consciousness in Astral Voyages

Asanaro, sovaldi sale author of The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani, presents his newest work. Bamso, the Art of Dreams will take its readers on a journey through the mysterious Oniric World: the world of Dreams.

Written in the form of a memoir, this book is far from the norm in both intent and execution. Presented in an engaging yet instructive manner, it will amuse and entertain you while teaching you the fundamentals necessary for success in astral projection and doubling. Led into the realms of Dreams, you will find a world of enormous surprises, beyond your wildest beliefs and superstitions.

Bamso: the Art of Dreams recollects the story of Asanaro, student of an ancient and esoteric Art of Meditation and Defense, as he begins to explore the Oniric World under the guidance of his teacher, Alsam. As the young apprentice opens his vision to the Astral World, he learns that these Arts of mental projection throughout the Universe can make him jump through time… and what he discovers won’t be at all what he had expected.

His Guide teaches him exactly how difficult it can be to consciously explore the world of dreams, and how amazing the discoveries are that one can make about the truth of oneself, journeying through the Astral.

This book is NOT recommended for people with prejudices of any sort, or for anyone without a well-formed point of view…

…the ensuing collision with the crude reality of the superior Astral world can be far too raw…

Introduction from the Book


“The world of dreams is real. Though at first you may think it impossible, all you have seen and felt in the dream state, all of it, is as true as anything you have ever experienced in your waking life. Furthermore, just as two neighboring countries eventually influence each other’s culture, the lucid and Astral lives have influenced each other since the beginning of time. For those of you who search for a place beyond imagination, where dreams become more solid yet still more fluid, you will find this volume a good fit.

In the beginning I contemplated writing this book in the form of a course. But that would have been almost impossible, as the delicate processes of mind and energy are not rigid or prescribed and, to get to their core, perhaps the least appropriate thing would be a list of rules and determined practices. No, to teach you what I have learned I must tell you about my own journey to discover what has been called Astral Projection, but which is more adequately described as the awareness and control of consciousness. If you are excited about discovering what dreams truly are and how to begin controlling them, read this work carefully; you will find forms developed which will help you to find lucidity where others see only confusion and diffuse shadows. Though this is a memoir, I have written these experiences in the third person because of the particular nature of this story. In dreams, the dreamer is often simultaneously himself and an observer; with time this effect is amplified as all things seem more distant and one’s past life in turn becomes like a dream.

bamso-2The simplicity of listening to a gentle song calms us with its tranquil sensations; I hope that the story I am about to tell will give you incentive enough to begin cultivating the Art of Dreams. But before we begin I will ask this of you: Open your mind. The road to the awareness and control of consciousness in dreams is the road by which we let go of our prejudices. If the mind is limited in conscious life, so will the unconscious life be limited—its capacities will be solely dedicated to making up for the chains imposed by daily life. However, if the mind is liberated when awake, that same liberation will come immediately into dreams, as a rapid and inevitable consequence.”

In the year of the Bamsei

Dictionary of Dreams

galaxiaArt of Dreams: Superior Science that studies the different methods to achieve consciousness, or projection, in astral voyages. In the esoteric art of Bamso, the ultimate goal is knowledge of oneself.

Akashic Record or Universal Record: A record or state of memory projected through the light emanated by the Earth in all its ages of existence: what is imprinted in the ether. This state can be visited through conscious dreams–therefore, we could theoretically visit every moment or fact from history and view its projection towards the future.

Astral: Related to the astral plane, the universe, and dimensions superior to the corporeal state.

Astral Voyage: State in which the energy of the living being is outside of the physical body.

Aura: Energy or lines of force emanated by every living being. These lines identify their current state and the condition of their evolution. The Aura is a force that surrounds each body, even if the capacity to view it is difficult to achieve.

Bamso (bb./bäm’so): A concept that implies the capacity to have lucid dreams. It is a way to meditate within the dreams. See: rmi lam (tib.).

Doubling: Synonym for an Astral Voyage, except this concept insists that the body in fact has a subtle copy, or double, identical to the first but existing in the astral plane.

Dimension: Stage or plane of existence.

Energy: Universal force present in and throughout everything.

Esoteric Teachings: What the ancient philosophers did not disperse widely, but only taught to a restricted few disciples.

Ether: Subtle and invisible fluid that shapes itself to all of space.

Etheric: Substance or minor energy that is found between the physical body and the aura.

Interpretation of Dreams: Capacity to discern the significance of Oniric experiences.

Mental Projection or Astral Projection: Synonymous with Astral Voyage, but from the point of view of psychic or mental work, with the capacity to reach (project itself) into the universe.

Mind Travel: Used as a synonym for Astral Voyage, but taken from the psychological point of view.

Oniric World: The dimension or state related to dreams.

Orgon: Magnetic energy that surrounds the body. A synonym for Aura.

Rmi lam (tib.): Dream, dreaming.

Rmi ltas (tib.): Dream omens.

Silver Cord: Supposed link between the physical and astral body.

Svapnadarzana (sans.): Vision in a dream.

Third Eye: Center that identifies the vision of the inner mind and, in general, its capacity to project or receive energy.

Time Travel: Theoretical capacity to know all times, past, present, or future, that could potentially be achieved through the Art of Dreams.

Unconscious Dream and Conscious Dream: Representation of facts or things while sleeping. If the person has knowledge of being in such a state it is said that he or she is having a “conscious dream;” on the other hand, when the images or representations are diffuse, or the person does not realize that he or she is in such a state, it is called an “unconscious dream.”

Unmani (sans.): Astral Voyage.