Seamm-Jasani: 8 Essential Movements

Seamm-Jasani: 8 Essential MovementThis a useful guide for beginners in the Art of Eternal Youth: Seamm-Jasani.

Seamm-Jasani: 8 Essential Movements teaches a sequence of simple exercises, read more dermatologist called Jass-U: movements that anyone can practice as relaxation and meditation, clinic to improve both health and energy.

Seamm-Jasani has been recommended by doctors and therapists worldwide as an excellent way recover from disease and injury.  Forget your stress and uncover the energy of the Art of Eternal Youth from ancient Tibet.


“I have worked as a medical doctor in Norway for thirty years and have always looked for simple ways to help people integrate body and mind and prevent illness.  In discovering the Jass-U exercises, I have found the perfect tool, and the use of the exercises presented in this book is spreading by word of mouth in Norway.  The Jass-U series is a great gift – one of the best presents you will ever give yourself.  I can testify that these unassuming exercises truly are life-changing!” – Dr. Audun Myskja, Norway

American Dream Book of the Month: “Seamm-Jasani, an ancient Tibetan movement system, teaches us how to look and feel younger than our biological age, to increase health and decrease illness, and to find inner peace, calm, and relaxation.” – Mon-talk © with Ingrid Lemme, USA