The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani

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Over 10, buy 000 years ago in the mountains of ancient Böd, ask before the Himalayas were known by names such as Tibet, bronchitis an ancient civilization was dedicating its existence to the study and development of this Science and Art for Eternal Youth.

This Physical and Psychological system has been kept in secrecy for millennia. Through this book, for the very first time ever, secrets of this Art have been disclosed, but only the very tip of the iceberg.

This text, complemented by more than 200 illustrations and diagrams, is a practical, dynamic, and fun introduction to these teachings so long studied in the loneliness of the mountains, by monks and hermits devoted to cultivating their powers of pranic vitality, to the harmony of their movements, and the discovery of internal powers of self-healing that improve and extend life.

For any who are curious about ways to develop a balanced body and mind, this manuscript is a unique and vital document. Its value is inestimable in an era such as ours, where we are always looking for alternate ways to overcome stress and disease. This book is the beginning of a journey towards a long life full of awareness, vitality, and energy.


Seamm-jasani bestseller in ChinaThe Art presented in this volume is a technique of relaxation and self-medicine through Movement based on a millenarian tradition of Tibetan origin for the longevity. At the present time, Asanaro has developed and systematized this system into two major stages: the Art of Awakening and the Art of Active Relaxation (or Seamm-Jasani itself).

The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani presents this Art in a course that is simple to understand, yet will challenge all of its readers. The course is presented in a simple and amusing manner, as text, illustrations and diagrams acquaint the reader with fifty-eight unique exercises and techniques for meditation. These fifty-eight movements lead us down a diverse and balanced path towards achieving equilibrium in body and mind, where we can channel our internal energies to increase our vitality, happiness, and energy, all of the ingredients needed for Eternal Youth.


American Dream Book of the Month: “Seamm-Jasani, an ancient Tibetan movement system, teaches us how to look and feel younger than our biological age, to increase health and decrease illness, and to find inner peace, calm, and relaxation.” – Mon-talk © with Ingrid Lemme, USA

“I have worked as a medical doctor in Norway for thirty years and have always looked for simple ways to help people integrate body and mind and prevent illness.  In discovering the Seamm-jasani exercises, I have found the perfect tool, and the use of the exercises presented in this book is spreading by word of mouth in Norway.  The Seamm-Jasani series is a great gift – one of the best presents you will ever give yourself.  I can testify that these unassuming exercises truly are life-changing!”  Dr. Audun Myskja (bestselling author, Norway)

“Seamm Jasani in 58 movements, is really a very smart and useful and kind present of Asanaro for us to improve the condition of our body, mind and health… That is why I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to the author of this book, Asanaro, who is really the great master and hero of this art, this special Art of Ancient Tibet.” Thupten Norbu (PhD in Buddhist philosophy and writer, Lhasa, Tibet)


The testimony of many students of this discipline show the practical value of this ancient Art. Seamm-Jasani works as a therapeutic, revitalizing method of utilizing movement and breathing to awaken the process of self-healing that exists within every one of us.


“In addition to the classes being a physical challenge, they have also had a huge positive impact on me mentally and emotionally”.
Sarah Bursac, 24 years old

“I truly testify to the healing and restitution of my sick organs from debilitating rheumatoid arthritis …”
Elvia Cereceda, 55 years old

“This Art proves that it is never too late to stop time and go back to the strength, vigor and joy of youth.”
Jessica Martínez, 31 years old

“It is an exercise that doesn’t require you to have bulging muscles, or feet that can go behind your head, or six-pack abs. Nor does it ask you to behave like a monk or an athlete. It requires attention to really get anything out of it, but it rewards that attention with challenges you can meet.”
Michael T. Bullock, 28 years old

“This classes have really helped out my nerves, my arthritic pains, and have helped me to sleep better than before….”
Otilia Espinoza, 70 years old

“With these classes I have stopped smoking.”
Luis Lopez, 60 years old

“Through this Art I have found lots of positive energy that I an apply to achieving my goals… Why didn’t I start before?”
Jorge H., 47 years old

“These classes have had a dramatic influence upon me. I have achieved all of my goals, and then some! I have gone from 12-16 ibuprofen per day for foot pain, to only 3-6. I am able to walk two miles without any discomfort, an impossibility before.”
Richard G. Kelley, 59 years old


“Nowadays it is not so often discussed that physical exercise liberates endorphins, substances within our bodies that counteract pain and stagnation throughout the body. Discouragement, sadness, and depression are internal catalysts not only of organic malfunctions (headaches, musular pains, gastritis) but also of more serious ailments such as ulcers, and cancer; thus we should not be surprised that states of happiness, comfort, and enthusiasm have real healing powers over old, chronic ailments that students often bring when they first arrive, causing them to vanish after a while….

Our bodies, even the weakest and most underdeveloped we have seen, are full of potentialities that one may never finish discovering, and are able, with practice, to coordinate themselves in ways we believed impossible.

This can be seen in the earliest classes, as you see your problems and preoccupations left behind. This Art achieves, from a holistic point of view, to reverse the de-emphasis on man by the sciences, for man has been removed from the center of the universe by astronomical sciences, from the top of the animal kingdom by biological sciences, and from himself by psychological sciences…

The Seamm-Jasani, with its exercises and coordinations whose origins are lost in the depths of time, in remote places, part of a greater whole…centers again man on himself, takes him out of his exterior world and develops a special sort of body-mind relation, simply called ‘meditation in motion’.

When your body becomes elastic, reflecitve, serene; when your personal image is different from the one you recall, when you begin to percieve all of these changes within yourself…you will recall these simple words and know that the time you have devoted to the Art for Eternal Youth has not been in vain.”

Sebastián Alarcón
MD, Surgeon. Uruguay
Postgraduate in Anaesthesiology
Specialist in Clinical Hypnosi