For over twenty-five years Asanaro has devoted his life to the study and teaching of the Alternative Healing Arts of Bod or pre-Buddhist Tibetan origin. These Arts are transmitted as a range of sciences that study relaxation, adiposity defense, meditation, and philosophy. In recent years he has developed and formalized these currents through Seamm-Jasani and Boabom.

Over this period he has taught, lectured on, and given forums concerning these systems throughout South America, Europe, United States and Asia. Through his practice he has been instrumental in founding many different centers and associations that serve to stimulate interest in, and to advance the understanding of, these Arts and Techniques for alternative medicine.

He still dedicates himself to the propagation of these various teachings that comprise the Mmulargan school, in which he works as a teacher. To Asanaro, the School and those who strive for its growth have been essential to the creation of the books presented here, and are vital to the past and future transmission of the Boabom Arts.

His first book was “The Secret Art Seamm-Jasani”, translated into English by Amlom, who has been vital to the work of Asanaro all these years. This first book has been translated into seven languages.

asanaro-with-tobaeAsanaro regularly teaches seminars at The Boston School of Boabom, the first school in the USA to specialize in the Boabom Arts.

Asanaro is currently sponsoring the Tibetan Altruism Association, an organization, based in Lhasa, with the goal of fighting poverty through improving education and health services in Tibet.

He currently resides in the USA.