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“Bamso. Extraordinary Journeys Beyond Lucid Dream

“….I give BAMSO my highest recommendation to everyone interested in Tibetan mysticism, sildenafil lucid dreams, hemophilia consciousness, and shamanism.

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“For me this book is particularly interesting in that it offers a non-psychological, non-materialist system for understanding the activity of dreaming. I highly recommend it”

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“Extraordinary Journeys Beyond Lucid Dreams

In the tradition of amazing-yet-true stories told in fictional style, BAMSO delves into the dream worlds that arise when dreamers grasp the art of lucid dreaming and transcend fear. Asanaro learns how to travel through time and space through mastering an art of mental projection, guided by his wise Tibetan teacher, Alsam. As Asanaro increases his ability to be awake and conscious in his dreams, he explores beyond ordinary dream states and makes amazing discoveries. 

Describing how the world of dreams is the behind-the-scenes source of what we see in the physical world, BAMSO brings us along for the journey of a lifetime. There is a marvelous sense of reality to this fictional account, as Asanaro shares just enough detail from his advanced dream training to tantalize readers with other Tibetan teachings, such as Osseous Boabom and Seamm Jasani. Alsam shares core concepts required for safe passage in the very real world of dreams with Asanaro, to help Asanaro gain confidence and dream experience, such as the importance of imagination, positivity, and consistency. 

One of my favorite parts of BAMSO is the section where Alsam illustrates to his apprentice the importance of developing a clear mind in waking life, in order to master the art of traveling through dreams. The ability to maintain a simultaneous sense of true identity in this everyday world and the world of dreams is essential, so dream journeys are enjoyable and productive. I thoroughly enjoyed Asanaro’s descriptions of ways he learned to keep his body and mind clear and strong to support his training in the art of dreams. 

I give BAMSO my highest recommendation to everyone interested in Tibetan mysticism, lucid dreams, consciousness, and shamanism.”

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“The Secret Art of Seamm Jasani – 58 Movements for Eternal Youth from Ancient Tibett by Asanaro – Seamm-Jasani, an ancient Tibetan movement system, teaches us how to look and feel younger than our biological age, to increase health and decrease illness, and to find inner peace, calm, and relaxation. More than 10,000 years ago in the ancient Himalayan Mountains, an ancestral civilization committed itself to the study and development of the Science and Art for Eternal Youth.” — Mon-talk © with Ingrid Lemme, April 2006


“THE SECRET ART OF BOABOM “ Awakening the Inner Power through the Art of Defense-Meditation from Ancient Tibet By Asanaro

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The Secret Art of Boabom: Awaken Inner Power Through Defense-Meditation from Ancient Tibet. Asanaro. Tarcher: Penguin. Oct. 2006. “Boabom is a form of martial arts that focuses on speed and agility and whose origin is in pre-Buddhist Tibet. It can be used in combat, but its principal aim is to help its practitioners attain an optimal state of energy, health, confidence, and vitality. Like yoga, Boabom develops self-awareness, teaching discipline, respect, and humility. Asanaro (The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani), who teaches and lectures on the practice in Europe, South America, the United States, here explains its philosophy, describes its movements, and discusses research that points to its benefits. Each new movement he teaches is based on the previous one, ensuring that psychological understanding goes with the physical evolution. The movements are simply illustrated in more than 300 line drawings and clearly described in a friendly style. This book would make a fine addition to a library that already owns Asanaro’s first book; both are recommended”.—Library Journal


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